Benefits of Ferulic Acid in skincare

The latest skincare trend and why it’s a must have ingredient 

As a Beauty Therapist when I get to know a new product and what it does, I rely on my knowledge of active ingredients.  It’s these little gems that give away what effect skincare will have on your skin. 

I recently asked friends what they look for, and was pleasantly surprised to find out I am surrounded with ingredient junkies. Especially when it comes to sun protection, the best skincare, and the best SPF after a skin peel. 

Ferulic Acid is fast becoming the cool girl of cosmetic ingredients, and it’s easy to understand why product junkies get excited about this plant-based acid when you look at what effects it has on the skin. 

So why is Ferulic Acid creating so much interest?

First of all, when we hear the word acid we think of skin peeling and exfoliation – let’s be clear – Ferulic Acid does not create a peeling effect.

Just like inflammation in the body causes sickness, the skin is inflamed by aggressors within our environment which trigger skin concerns including sensitivity, pigmentation, lines, and photo-ageing (premature ageing caused by the sun).  Ferulic Acid protects and prevents the development of inflammation which triggers these responses.

Sunscreen Effect & Powerful antioxidant 
  • Ferulic Acid in no way replaces your SPF however the main benefit is the ability to absorb UV light preventing photo-ageing and protecting the cells.
  • Ferulic Acid is a powerful antioxidant that protects cells which prevents damage to cellular DNA and skin health.
Anti-Inflammatory effectiveness 
  • Ferulic Acid interferes with cycles in the skin responsible for acne, oily skin, and sensitivity making it perfect for those skins which have previously found it hard to find a complimentary SPF. 
Other great benefits from Ferulic Acid
  • promotes even skin tone
  • reduces signs of ageing
  • can reduce sebum production in acne skins
  • increases hydration levels
  • for all skin all year round

Where do you get your fix of Ferulic acid?  eKseption All-Day-Shield SPF 50+

Firstly, it’s light and refreshing, chemical-free SPF 50+ natural sunscreen based on red algae extract. Secondly, it’s loved by our customers because it’s a suncare and treatment product all-in-one.  Thirdly and most importantly,  it’s got all the benefits of Ferulic Acid.

If you are looking for the correct advice about your skin you can book a video consult with one of our skin experts.

Our state of the art formulas do not contain preservatives, ammonium hydroxide, tromethamine or other harmful buffers.

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