Chemical Peels without harsh side effects

I will never forget my first Chemical Peel, it was over 25 years ago, Chemical Peels were new and exciting. It set my face on fire and I looked like I had spent the weekend in the sun.  

You know what? I loved it and was hooked. 

I should clarify; I loved the results.  In the days to come my skin felt soft, and once the redness died down my skin looked clear and radiant. I was however a cautious of going through that initial burn again.  I want amazing skin, but my training told me that harsh chemicals and aggressive treatments may cause more harm than good. 

Fast forward to today. Just as Digital technology has progressed so has skincare, our knowledge of chemical peeling and its effects on the skin. We now know aggressive peels can produce unwanted side effects that last for life.  I still love Peels, but I have a very different approach to choosing the best chemical peel for skin these days.

I want what most of my clients want. Effective treatments without the side effects

What does that look like for me personally? It’s simple. Good for me, kind to others.

I want skin friendly peels – I know my skin is happier without alcohol and preservatives. 

I want safe and effective treatments – Results which leave my skin in optimum health.

I want cruelty free, not tested on animals and I want ethically sourced raw materials. 

Professionally, I want confidence to make recommendations knowing the product aligns to my skin goals of healthier, more youthful looking skin and is customisable to my clients with state of the art in salon procedures and advanced homecare. 

What do I recommend? eKSeption Chemical Peels are my go-to. 

eKSeption has a 3-tier system. 

If you would like correct advice about eKSeption Chemical Peels and home care from a skin expert, you can book a video consult for your customizable program.  

If you are a Professional and less than best just isn’t your style chat to us about becoming a stockist and how we can help you achieve your business goals.

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